Are you voting for RODRIGO “RODY” DUTERTE?

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Age: 70
Born: Mar 28, 1945 in Maasin Southern, Leyte
Political Party: PDP-Laban
Spouse: Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman (Annulled)
Domestic Partner: Cieleto Avancena
Children: Paolo, Sarah, Sebastian & Veronica
Parents: Vicente and Soledad Duterte


  • Spent seven years in high school after expulsion from the Ateneo de Davao due to misconduct. He was then sent by his father to a distant school in Digos City, the Holy Cross of Digos, where he eventually finished his secondary education.
  • Worked at the City Prosecution Office of Davao City from 1977-1986, first as a Special Counsel, and later as City Prosecutor.
  • Lecturer on Criminal Law, Criminal Evidence and Criminal Procedure at the Police Academy of Regional Training Center XI.
  • Appointed OIC Vice Mayor of Davao City by President Corazon Aquino in 1986.
  • Elected mayor of Davao City in 1988 and has been mayor for a cumulative total of 22 years.
  • Representative of the 1st District of Davao City (1998-2001).
  • Appointed anti-crime consultant by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2002. She lauded his efforts to combat crime and drug trade in Davao City.
  • Known for his unorthodox ways of governance, particularly in enforcing law and order. He has advocated the “killing” of criminals, especially drug pushers.


  • Imposed a prohibition on selling, serving, drinking and consuming alcoholic beverages from 1am to 8am daily.
  • Reduced the speed limits for all kinds of motor vehicles within Davao City in the interest of public safety and order.
  • Imposed a ban on smoking and firecrackers.
  • Acquired 10 more ambulances for central 911 intended for medical emergencies and 42 new mobile patrol vehicles and motorcycles for the Davao City Police Office. Davao City’s is the first and only 9-1-1 emergency telephone number in Asia, which is free.
  • Ordered all shopping malls and commercial centers to install, operate and maintain high end and high definition closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at all entrance and exit points.


  • Suspected of being involved with the so-called ‘Davao Death Squad (DDS),’ a group alleged to be behind vigilante killings in the city. In May 2015, he admitted his “ties” to the death squad, but backtracked days later, saying the DDS he was referring to was the ‘Davao Development System’.
  • Aside from his ‘Dirty Harry’ image, he is also known for his ‘good relationship’ with the New People’s Army (NPA). In 2015, he allowed a hero’s burial for NPA leader Leoncio “Ka Parago” Pitao in Davao City.
  • In Nov 2015, during his speech when he was formally declared PDP-Laban standard-bearer, Duterte came under fire for cursing at Pope Francis after he allegedly got caught in a traffic jam during the Catholic leader’s visit to the Philippines in Jan.
  • He has admitted to infidelity and philandering.



  • Streamline bureaucracy by introducing digital systems/technologies.
  • Values formation in all elementary and high schools nationwide.

Drugs and criminality:

  • Reduce crime and eliminate drugs.
  • Make drug dealers and criminals face stiffer penalties.
  • Strengthen criminal justice system.

Fix government administration:

  • Good governance.
  • Intensify and improve social services (education / housing / health / transport with special attention to elderly / women / children / indigenous people and other marginalised sectors of society).
  • Raise living standards.
  • Responsive foreign policies.
  • Build disaster resilient communities.
  • Urban, rural and transport infrastructures.
  • Tax reforms.

Shift to federal form of government:

  • A federal system which would involve the establishment of relatively small, coexisting political units that are geographically within the boundaries of economic interaction and territorial reach of the central government. However, the central government is not allowed to extend beyond constitutionally defined limits, while other activities and functions are carried out by separate state-provincial units that coexist.


Fighting criminality, illegal drugs: “If I become president, I advise you people to put up several funeral parlor businesses because I am against illegal drugs.”

Addressing corruption: “Itong dalawang girlfriends ko, boarding house lang ‘yan… Wala ‘yang condo.”

Shifting to a federal system of government: “It’s hard to achieve economic progress under a unitary government, which is what we have now.”

Reviving the death penalty: “Death penalty must be considered for plunder.”

Charter change: “I will close Congress. Do you know why? I will use the money to improve the (performance of) guys in government.”



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