Caucasian woman strips naked at Pioneer MRT, arrested under Mental Health Act

Photo source: Facebook
Photo source: Facebook

Photos of a woman who had stripped herself naked on the Pioneer MRT station platform have been circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp since June 7.

Here are the censored images:

A SMRT personnel could be seen holding a large cloth against the partially-clothed woman, who had a semblance of modesty as she was still wearing one sock.

She was holding on to the wrists of another man whom she appears to know.

In another photo, the woman could be seen with her arms around the man’s shoulder, while the SMRT staff looks at the clothes strewn on the floor.

When contacted by Mothership, SMRT said the case is now with the police.

The police confirmed a call for assistance at Pioneer MRT Station was received on June 6, 2018 at about 10.30pm.

They revealed that the woman was subsequently arrested under the Mental Health Act.

According to the act, a police officer is duty-bound to apprehend any person who is believed to be mentally disordered and/ or dangerous to himself or other persons.

He is also required to take the mentally disordered person, along with a report of the facts of the case, to a medical practitioner.

Source: SSO

This is their statement in full:

On 6 june 2018 at about 1030pm, the police receieved a called for assistance at Pioneer MRT station.

A 35-year-old woman was subsequently arrested under the Mental Health Act.


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