Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CMO) commends Supreme Court ruling on Recognition of Foreign Divorce

Photo credit: Pixabay
Photo credit: Pixabay

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) praises the Supreme Court ruling recognizing the validity of foreign divorce made by a Filipino against a foreign spouse.

The April 24, 2018 ruling will allow Filipinos to remarry regardless of who files for divorce.

According to the COM, “the landmark decision paves the way for a Filipino who obtains a divorce from the foreign spouse to have the divorce recognized by Philippine courts.”

Executive Director of the CFO and Undersecretary Astravel Pimentel-Naik also shared that the decision will serve as a “tool for women empowerment” as such marriages are often between Filipino women and a foreign spouse.

From 1989 to 2016, the CFO records show that 91.38 per cent of marriage migrants are female.

Hence, the CMO further believes that landmark ruling will “provide relief for victims and survivors of trafficking in the guise of marriage or mail-order bride scheme.”

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