“God changed me”: Former gay beauty queen goes back to living as a man

Photo credit: Mark Estephen via Facebook page
Photo credit: Mark Estephen via Facebook page
  • Former gay pageant winner has returned to living as a man
  • Sabel Gonzales used to be dubbed as “Julia Barretto” for his good looks
  • He claimed that Christ changed him and is encouraging everyone to repent and accept Christ in our lives

Sabel Gonzales was once a proud gay and had the LGBT community cheering for him when he joined gay contests.

Sabel joined Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna segment back in 2014. Super Sireyna was a beauty pageant for gay and transwomen. Sabel was a crowd favorite and was dubbed as “Julia Barretto” for his fair complexion and pretty features. He was also one of the Top 10 semi-finalists at the Miss International Queen pageant in Pattaya, Thailand back in March 2017.

Years after, Sabel is now back to being Mark. Sabel returned to living as a man and used his old name — Mark Estephen.

The LGBT community was surprised when he posted on his Facebook account the “transformation” he went through. Mark who now lives in Arizona, USA, is a devout Christian. He went on to share via his post how Jesus Christ changed him.

The former gay beauty queen posted, “It’s 2018, and I found my true happiness in life from Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Only God can change to you and to me.”

He also went on to encourage everyone to repent and accept Christ, “So accept and follow Jesus now as our savior and repent from our sins. He is the only way , the truth and the life to be with the Father and to be in heaven.”

Mark’s admission of repentance was flooded by support and words of encouragement. He went on and replied, “Thank you for all the support. Only God can changed us. God is transforming me for His will in my life and I know that I was born as a man, that’s the creation of God.”

“I realized that I just created an idol in my own desire but not God’s desire. Now, I surrender my life to Him. All glory to God,” he added. – KICKER DAILY NEWS

His story was also featured in 24-Oras:

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