Heartbroken about his homeland, American man is touched by the social harmony in Singapore

Photo credit: Jon Dante / Facebook
Photo credit: Jon Dante / Facebook

In the midst of depressingly troubling times in the United States, one American is ruminating about what went wrong in his home country, while taking time to cherish his newly adopted one.

Jon Paul Dante, a Boston native who’s been a Section Principal Trumpet of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra since 2013, took to Facebook last Friday to reflect on what he observed to be one of the best things about Singapore: People of all ethnicities and religions living peacefully side by side. This, after he saw hundreds of Malay Muslims spilling out onto the pavements to perform their Friday prayers just below apartments where Chinese families were celebrating their Lunar New Year festivities.

“Everyday, Singapore is putting on a racial and religious integration masterclass for the whole world to see,” he wrote, expressing conflicting emotions about his homeland. Heartbroken over the state of things in America, Dante lamented how the US appeared to no longer be the admirable country it was supposed to be. Considering the ongoing issues of gun controlincompetent leaders, and the rise of white nationalists there, Singapore seems utopian in comparison (despite being boring AF, sure).

“In Singapore, a place that I ended up living in nearly completely by accident, I am honestly living my dreams, both on and offstage,” he wrote.

“I believe I may be the luckiest man on earth.” – COCONUTS


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