Invest your money, invest in yourself

Audit your remittances, audit your family

“Take control of your remittances. Make your family accountable for all expenses. In short, audit your remittances. Hindi pwedeng nagpadala ka tapos thank you na lang.”

– Susan Bigay, president of DM Kompass

How you can start: Discuss the family budget firmly with your family and require them to send you a list of all the expenses your remittances are spent on each month. Be strict and make them understand that there will be consequences if they misuse your padala.

Make a decision to invest your money… and do it NOW

“Nakakatakot talaga mag-invest sa stock market so do it in small increments. The reason why you cannot make a decision and act on it is not because you don’t know (anything), but because ang dami mong alam eh (andami mong iniisip, pinaniniwalaan at hinihintay). Dumaan na dalawang taon since you started saying you will invest, hanggang ngayon wala ka pa ring nagagawa.

– Aya Laraya, founder of Pesos and Sense

How you can start: Attend free stock market investment or financial planning seminars to get basic knowledge of how the stock market works and why it’s one of the smartest options for OFWs.

Do not fall easily for get-rich-quick “business” schemes

“What makes a scam a scam: You are earning mainly from recruitment.”

– Salve Duplito, host of ANC On the Money

How you can start: You must first believe that there is no such thing as a low-risk, high-return investment opportunity. Another: never send money online to a stranger.


Take care of yourself first before taking care of another.

“Invest in yourself. Make money for yourself or your retirement. Why? If you’re sending money home to a person who is not working or does not want to work, do you really think that person has the capability to take care of you and your needs when you are old, sick and incapable of working?”

How you can start: Make your health your top priority – you will not be able to take care of your loved ones if you’re disabled or worse, dead. Get life/health insurance and hospitalisation coverage.

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