Karla Estrada talks about Daniel and Carlito’s independent living

Photo credit: Karla Estrada via Instagram
Photo credit: Karla Estrada via Instagram
  • Celebrity mom Karla Estrada shared about her sons Daniel and CJ’s independent lifestyle
  • The 43-year-old actress-host mentioned that her sons live in a separate home adjacent to her
  • Karla shared that it is both beneficial to her and her children to exercise independence

Celebrity mom Karla Estrada spoke about her sons’ independent lifestyle. The mother of four said it is important to teach her children about living independently. The 43-year-old actress shared that both the parent and the kids benefits from it.

According to the Umagang Kay Ganda host, her kids must learn to exercise independence and at the same time, she also has to accept the fact that she couldn’t be with them always. Daniel Padilla is the eldest son of Karla, her child with actor Rommel Padilla, while her second son Jose Carlito or JC is her son with singer Naldy Padilla.

Karla’s daughter Margaret or Magui is her child with former Quezon City Councilor Mike Planas, and her youngest, Carmella is her daughter with a a non-showbiz guy whom she calls Patrick or PJ.

The proud mommy also mentioned that her children Daniel, Jose Carlito, Carmella, and Margaret get along well and they all enjoy bonding together.

According to PEP, Karla talked about her two sons who are now both living independently in a vlog she posted on her new YouTube Channel last Friday, May 25.

In the video, while Karla is cooking Daniel’s favorite food Bistek Tagalog, the celebrity mom mentioned that she has allowed Daniel and JC to live on their own.

According to Karla, it is part of the changes that each of them would face. On her part, she is slowly releasing and accepting the fact that one day her children will have their own family.

The actress shared that kids nowadays ages 20s or even below must be slowly allowed to have their freedom. Thus, no matter how close they are, she understands that allowing her kids to live independently would help them grow as individuals.

She mentioned that Daniel and CJ are living in a separate but adjacent house to her. She has decided to allow them to go solo in order to train them. All she does is to monitor and call them often.

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