Kris Aquino’s ‘yaya’ receives Cartier necklace so ‘she won’t get married’

Photo credit: @krisaquino via Instagram
Photo credit: @krisaquino via Instagram

Kris Aquino, being the generous celebrity that she is, gave her most-trusted ‘Yaya’ Bincai a special gift as a way to show her utmost love and gratitude.

The Queen of All Media revealed that she gave her loyal yaya a Cartier necklace that has a heart with a hole in the middle. The moment was shown in an Instagram video yesterday, June 4.  Both and Aquino’s two sons, Josh and Bimby, are currently in Japan to celebrate her eldest son’s 23rd birthday.

In the video, the media personality surprised her helper with the expensive piece of jewelry. Aquino told her son to secure the necklace onto her yayaAs he obeyed his mom’s order, she joked: “Bincai will never be married, yehey!”

The necklace given to Bincai is part of the luxury brand’s Trinity Collection. According to its official website, it is priced at $4,400 (around P231,150).

Kris Aquino gave this necklace to her Yaya Bincai. According to the luxury brand’s official website, it is part of their Trinity Collection and is valued at $4,400. Image: Screengrab from

Why did Aquino say this? According to her the godmother of her employee, Jack Salvador, there is a Japanese belief that a heart with a hole in the middle “will never give a single woman lasting love.” “Alam niyo naman mabilis ako ma-convince (You know how easy I am to be convinced),” she remarked upon hearing the traditional belief.

Aquino wrote about the necklace: “I’ve had this @cartier necklace for several years— and double purpose na (already), to show Bincai our love & gratitude and to make sure she stays w/ us for many more years.”

The media personality credited Bincai’s discipline for making Josh lose weight by 140 pounds. In another instance, she narrated: “When Raquel (Bincai’s sister) calls her because my BP (blood pressure) goes haywire or my allergies act up, she immediately cuts short her rest to take care of me.”

Netizens were touched by Aquino’s kind gesture. @katherinewania said of Aquino: “Super bait nyo po talaga Ms. Kris wala kayong katulad (You’re superkind, Ms. Kris. There’s no one else like you).”

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram/@krisaquino

Meanwhile, another netizen, named @rfng, revealed that she always tells her coworkers her wish of working for the Queen of All Media.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram/@krisaquino

And @atenin05 simply saluted Aquino for her actions.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram/@krisaquino

Yaya Bincai has been a longtime member of Aquino’s household. Her sisters, Gerbel and Raquel Luntayao, were previously employed for the media personality as yayas to Bimby.

At one point, Aquino attended the civil wedding of Raquel back in January. The ceremony was officiated by no less than the Queen of All Media’s ex-boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.


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