Parent returns medication contaminated with ants to Tampines clinic, charged another S$90

Photo credit: Sherrie Hong via Facebook
Photo credit: Sherrie Hong via Facebook

A clinic’s mistake can come with grave consequences:

In a more recent case that occurred in June that is not as potentially fatal, a parent who found ants in her child’s medicine brought it back to the clinic, only to be charged S$90 for another round of medication and consultation — the latter which she didn’t ask for.

The mother, Sherrine Hong, then wrote a Facebook post detailing the entire experience.

Discovering the ants

On the evening of Wednesday, June 6, Hong brought her daughter to Baby and Child Clinic at Tampines Street 81.

They consulted a Dr. Loke, and got medication for cough and an inflamed throat.

On June 7, Thursday evening, Hong saw “black dots” in the white-coloured antibiotics. She poured the medication out and discovered several ants.

Photo credit: Sherrie Hong via Facebook

Photo credit: Sherrie Hong via Facebook

Photo credit: Sherrie Hong via Facebook

Calling the clinic

On the morning of June 8, Hong called the clinic.

When the nurse asked if the ants came from her home, Hong replied that there were no ants on the countertop where she left the medication, and that the cap was tightly closed.

The nurse then asked her to bring the medication back to the clinic.

Some 15 minutes later, the nurse allegedly called Hong again, saying that the doctor would like the check on the child as she had started on the medication.

Different doctor who asked for consultation fee

At 8pm on the same day, Hong returned to the clinic and consulted another doctor, Dr. Ho.

Dr. Ho then allegedly suggested that the parent keep the rest of the medication, but changed the antibiotic.

The clinic then refunded Hong S$20 for the antibiotic that had ants.

However, Hong was allegedly asked to pay more than S$90 for consultation and medication.

The parent then told the nurse that it was not right for her to pay, as it was not her fault that the medication had an issue and she did not ask for a second consultation.

Hong then said she will pay for the medication, but not the consultation.

According to Hong, the nurse spoke to the doctor, who insisted that she had to pay.

The parent then went into the doctor’s room, where they had the same argument.

However, the doctor also allegedly said that Hong’s first consultation was with Dr. Loke the other day, and not Dr. Ho herself, which was why Hong had to pay this time round.

In the end, Hong said that she will not take their medication nor pay them a single cent. She even returned the S$20 and took back the medication with ants.

The parent was so upset that she teared in front of the nurse:

I was soo soooo upset and I teared in front of the nurse as i was getting really mad and emo. I feel so so bad that I have brought my kid to see such a horrible doctor who do not care about their patient. All she cared about is her CONSULTATION FEE $$$

Hong ended her post declaring that she will lodge a formal complaint with the Ministry of Health.

Original post:

Photo credit: Sherrie Hong via Facebook


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