She’s My Girl 2017


Meet the The MAGIC 10!

Who among these lovely ladies will take the most coveted title in the most prestigious and most established pageant in the history of the Filipino community in Singapore? Find out on May 21 (2pm) at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge Grand Ballroom. PHOTOGRAPHY by Arnel de Leon, BPP


PREZ STURGEON, Admin clerk for 9 years, from Maycauayan, Bulacan

H: 5’4 W: 49kg VS: 34-25-34

Why I joined SMG: “To build my self-confidence and step out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done anything like this before so when my friend asked me to join, at first I was hesitant. Then I thought “YOLO! Why, the heck not?” So here I am!”

My goal right now: “To live a healthier life and hopefully complete a full marathon one day. I’ve done a lot of runs and the longest distance I’ve ran was 21K (half marathon).


WENITH DE ASIS, FDW for almost 7 years, from Iloilo

H: 5” W: 49kg VS: 36-27-36

 Why I joined SMG: “I am a woman who love challenges in life. Joining SMG is one way wherein I can share my talents to the Pinoy community. I am passionate writer, a poet who will be a great help to the team…”

My goal right now: “To enhance my ability and knowledge in journalism, and to encourage the younger generation to embrace the world of black and white, and not to be dependent so much on technology.”


RICA NACES, FDW for 7 years, from Iloilo

H: 5’3 || W: 43kg || VS: 32-24-32
My goal in life: “To become my best self and to get on a path that will lead me there… to inspire people, transform hearts and bring joy. I long for people to feel accepted, valued and loved just they are.”

Why I joined SMG: “She’s My Girl advocates for camaraderie and raising the bar of Filipino pageantry in Singapore. For that reason, SMG can be distinguished from other pageants. I am passionate for this advocacy and with this passion, I can bring forth to light the embodiment of this competition.”

NENE (Kristie Marie Sumagaysay)

KRISTIE MARIE “NENE” SUMAGAYSAY, FDW for 7 years, from Iloilo City

H: 5’2 W: 47kg VS: 33-25-35

Why I joined SMG: “I want to acquire new friends, motivate myself to get back to the old but real me, and for the chance to be featured in a Pinoy magazine like Pinoy Star.”

My goals right now: “To provide and help my family, give my kids better education and hopefully, to save money to put up a decent and stable source of income when I retire.


MARINEL OBEJAS, Nurse for almost 14 years, from La Union

H: 5’2 W: 44kg VS: 34-23-34

My motto: “If you never go wrong, you will never be right. Failure is not a hindrance to fulfil your success.”

My goal right now: “To pursue my happiness to entertain once again, to feel the beat and follow my passion, and appreciate the beauty of life. To continue with charitable works to be able to help our OFW community.”


LEIZHYLL PESINO, FDW for almost 2 years, from Bicol

H: 5’2 W:120lbs VS: 32-26-34

Why I joined SMG: “Joining a pageant was just a dream for me until one day, I saw the Pinoy Star ad online and emailed my application immediately. It feels like an answer to my prayer… I admit I don’t have a beautiful face and a sexy body but I am still excited to join. This is it! I am one of the candidates of She’s My Girl. As a candidate, I understand the responsibilities this competition entails. I am open-minded and will do whatever it takes coz I am excited to see myself in the limelight.

My greatest aspiration: “To see myself in the light of beauty as the true person that I am. To really recognise our talents and attributes allows us to rely on those traits at different times. Thus, self-promotion and accomplishments arrive.”


JULIE DAMONG, FDW for 6 years, from Mt Province

H: 5’2 W: 55kg VS: 36-28-38

Why I joined SMG: “To develop my skills, and boost my self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s a great privilege and honour to be a part of She’s My Girl.”

My goal right now: “To give a good education to my children as I’m far away from them, earning money for their future.”

IZEL (Maricel Bisares)

MARCEL “IZEL” BISARES, 31, FDW for 8 years, from Bangued, Abra

GRASYA (Thea Jesura)


FDW for 6 years, from Iloilo
H: 5’4 W: 52kg VS: 33-27-36

My inspiration in life: “My family, especially my kids. They are my strength. The hardship I’ve encountered while here I will continue to endure coz I know someday, it will pay off.”

My goal right now: “To give my family a better life and provide the needs of my kids especially in their studies.”


ELLEN VIERNES, FDW for 12 years, from Batangas

H: 5’2 W: 45kg VS: 32-26-34

Why I joined SMG: “To gain confidence, meet new friends and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of this one-of-a-kind event that showcases Filipinos’ beauty, talent and creativity.”

My number one dream: “To see my two beautiful boys finish their studies. My main aspiration is for them to have the good life that I never had a shot at when I was younger because I was never given a chance to study. Seeing them succeed in life is my biggest dream. And I will continue working hard until the day I see them doing well in life.”

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