Somebody made a map of the world according to Singaporean prejudices

Photo credit: Wake Up, Singapore / Facebook
Photo credit: Wake Up, Singapore / Facebook

Back in 2016, there was the map of Singapore in its most politically incorrect (yet hilarious) form, while earlier this year somebody crafted eight different ways to divide the country according to our stereotypes.

Both presented Singaporean biases, but they focused inward. Political activist platform Wake Up, Singapore, however, crafted a pretty amusing map that focused on our (well, not all of us) prejudices of the world — and we have to say they got most of it right, politically incorrect as they are.

Indonesia? “Haze Factory”. The Philippines? “Republic of Lucky Plaza”. China? “Annoying Tourists”. Japan? “Anime, Hentai, and Radiation”.

Granted, it’s not a complete world map, and misses out Europe and the Americas. Still, something to chuckle at for your hump day.

Photo credit: Wake Up, Singapore / Facebook

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