WATCH: Video Of Little Girl Throwing Tantrum And Abusing Nanny Gets Mixed Reactions

Photo credit: Matalinong Matsing / Facebook
Photo credit: Matalinong Matsing / Facebook

It is a sad reality that many of our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) working as nannies and domestic helpers are getting abused by their employers every day; but one video recently proved that kids can be abusive as well…

Posted by Facebook page Matalinong Matsing, the video shows a nanny sitting on the floor and holding a young boy while a girl kept on pulling her hair and hitting her. It is unknown why the girl was throwing a tantrum but it was obvious that she wanted to have her way even if that meant harming her nanny.

On the page, a lot of people sympathized with the woman’s plight and hoped that she could eventually find a way for the child to stop abusing her or for her to get out of that household and find another employer but knowing how things work in agencies, it would be virtually impossible for her to get out of that house until her contract ends.

But not everyone felt sympathetic. There were some who bashed her for letting the child abuse her, going the ‘victim blaming’ route by saying no one gets abused if they don’t let others abuse them!

Photo credit: Matalinong Matsing / Facebook

It’s sad that this was blamed on the woman but others pointed out that she could have just stood up so the girl will stop pulling her hair and hurting her. But it’s also possible that she did that before and the girl still continued abusing her.

Check out this video and tell us what you think:

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